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Chimney repairs avoid you blowing your stack on costly replacement bills

Chimney repairs

We also provide Chimney repairs and chimney rebuilds! If your chimney has visibly suffered from weather or wind damage or just needs some careful restoration, we have the skills and experience to repair your Chimney to it’s former glory.

Chimney repairs are essential, since your chimney is always exposed to harsh conditions of the British weather and has to endure a battering of varied weather conditions every year.

If you don’t get your chimney repaired, it’ll all go up in smoke. So talk to our experts for free advice.

First class chimney repairs, plus free advice and inspections

Chimney repairs

Our chimney repair specialists are always available to arrange a chimney survey to assess any damage and give free advise on the type of repair that is needed.

Chimneys deteriorate over time and if left too long before repairing, in this instance rebuilding the chimney may be the only option.

Give us a call today.

Chimney repointing could save you from future disasters

Your chimney is always exposed to the elements, and due to the effects of weathering, it’s a sensible idea to have them re-pointed to avoid erosion of the brickwork.

If your chimney needs re-pointing, or you would like a new chimney, talk to one of our chimney specialists who will be happy to inspect and provide a free chimney quote, or for any repairs needed.

Roofing built to the highest standards

We’ve been installing and repairing tiled roofs throughout Surrey, South East London and Kent for years, applied to the highest standards, time and time again. We cover everything to do with tiled roofing, from preparatory works and the design and planning of new-build tiled roofs to the provision of guttering, fascias and soffits and the repair and maintenance services that enable you to get the most out of your roof for longer. So call us today and talk to our roof experts.

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